ICONIC DETAILS is a rebel cry to


Facilitate brand and identity evolution’s.


For those ready for refinement, expansion and growth

we will leverage the power of personal branding and wardrobe styling.  


It’s time to Show Up, Speak Up & Stand Out!


My philosophy is consistency, cohesion and charisma.


My process is a unique blend of symbolic intention

and the design of visual statements.


Designing a personal brand to help you navigate through

transition & transformation without the identity crisis.


~ Persona Stylist, Ashley Roda ~

~ Allow Me To Explain ~

Show Up


For opportunity to find you.


Everything in life is who you know 

& perfect timing.


Be Visible ~ Be Seen.



Speak Up


It’s time to share your unique

approach & perspective.

For the right people, it won’t rock the boat!

No more “taking it down a notch.”



Stand Out


You can’t be a wall flower with these kinds of

ambitions & aspirations.

You are one of a kind.

People are going to stare, make it worth their while.





Take a 360* perspective assessment of your personal branding & style.

Evaluate your brand fundamentals: Identity, Image, Message and Marketing.

Score your brand techniques: Consistency, Cohesion & Charisma.

Assess your reflection & action.