A conscious female entrepreneur.

A high performer: Confident in your skills and expertise.

Growth oriented: Ready to play big and be seen.

Opinionated, visible and creative.

Triggered by your own ambition and aspirations.

The technician: People buy into you as much as they do your goods and services.

Passionate and purposeful while pursuing your divine assignment.

Experiencing transition, transformation and growth.

Ready for refinement and expansion of your personal brand & style.

Conscious to the power of designing a visual statement for yourself.

Eager to leverage symbolism that targets the subconscious of your ideal client.


You Desire To… 

Inject more of YOU into your branding and style.

Pivot, course correct or refresh your current branding and style.

Have consistency and cohesion  in your image.

Scale and uplevel your business, attracting new opportunities, collaborations and clients.

Control your brands narrative and the impression you make on others.

Share your experience, expertise & perspective in a symbolic, strategic and magnetic way.

The Truth Is, You’re… 

Expanding and growing into new levels of success and it’s time for an update.

Feeling constricted by your current branding & style.

Unsure how to step into a “new you” while maintaining your current success.

Questioning the visibility and attention a “new you” will attract.

Scared to rock the boat… but continuing as you have been is not an option.

Weighing the pros/cons of a “new you” and estimating any collateral.

Ready to leverage the power of personal branding to attract and communicate with your ideal client.

Ready for a creative director and project manager to assist you in navigating this growth phase.


I Get It!  You’re Suffering From…

Growing pains: You’re outgrowing yourself in a good way.

Altitude sickness: Quick growth means less air to breath.

Being a shoe-maker without shoes: You’re too close to see your highest potential & differentiating features.

People pleasing: You’re ready to focus on the work that inspires you vs. tires you.

~ Am I Right? ~

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