People often ask me “Ashley, how does this work? What’s your framework?”  Depending on how you arrived and have been exploring this site, you may have seen My Process outlined from a big picture perspective. However, allow me to explain in detail.

For those ready to leverage their personal branding and style, here’s what working together will look like:

Step 1: Self Assessments & Personal Reflections

To begin, I will send you a series of self assessments and questionnaires based on what I know of your situation and project thus far.  The goal is to take some time to reflect on where you are now, where you want to be and explain to me the motivation behind wanting to uplevel your personal brand and style now.

I’ve found clients really enjoy this process.  It asks them questions in new ways and “it highlighted things about my brand I never thought of before” & “I was excited for a framework to write everything down in and see for myself.”

P.S. I offer a 30 minute complementary discovery session, so if your eager to tell me about your situation and project,

click here and schedule a time with me!

Step 2: VIP Discovery Session

A little pampering to loosen you up and allow me to work my magic.  With my ability to tap into your ultimate potential, I can see what your ideal self looks like.  This is your opportunity to share with me your story, how you got to where you are today and the passion that drives your work.  It’s also the time to tell me your frustrations and desires regarding your personal branding and style.  This session sets the foundation for everything we do together.

Step 3: Reflections & Suggestions

Based on our VIP Discovery Session, I will piece together EVERYTHING you shared with me.  All the facts, desires, goals and intuitive insights I picked up.  Creating for you your:


  • Persona Perspective: Outlining and introducing you to the iconic persona of your company.  Giving it a name, voice, permission and mediums to express itself in your everyday essence. Outlining the personality, characteristics, look & feel of your brand.
  • Inspiration Mood Board: To capture and illustrate the visual statement you’re wanting to achieve.
  • Branding and Symbolism: Using my psychology degree and hands on client experience, I use symbolism to target the subconscious of your ideal clients.  Colors, fonts, sentimental items, etc. it all comes together to energize and deepen your overall brand aesthetic.
  • Current Position (Point-A) and Desired Destination (Point-B).
  • Brand Binder: My secret-sauce to an iconic brand and style.
Step 4: Course Correction

At this time, regarding the reflections and suggestions I send you, I want to see that we are on the same page moving forward.  You’re branding should not be someone else’s creation. I’ll need your feedback and confirmation the direction I present feels in alignment with the results you are wanting.

Step 5: The Coveted Brand Binder

The “Brand Binder” is my secret-sauce to an iconic brand and style.  The consistency, cohesion and charisma you desire for your personal brand and style will be outlined in this. The little black book of your personal branding if you will.

  • The symbolic intentions & visual cues designed into your branding.
  • The iconic visual statement your wanting to make.
  • The consistency, cohesion and “je ne sais quoi” of your brand & style.
  • The operational manual of your personal branding & style.
  • Your unique strategy to Show up, Speak Up & Stand Out.
  • Both a digital & hard copy.


In pride and full transparency here is the Brand Binder break down:

Brand Identity

  • Brand Persona (archetype & symbolism)
  • Identity (logo, colors, fonts, photos)
  • Personality (voice, marketing position, unique customer experience)
  • Consistent, Cohesive & Charisma

Brand Message

  • Focus message & write narrative
  • Outline Ideal Client Persona
  • Unique Market Position
  • Refresh Bios
  • Word Clouds

Brand Marketing

  • Client flow & experience
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Brand projects ~ goals ~ routines

Embarking on the journey to refresh, refine and reinvent your personal brand and style requires a team of professionals.  To list a few:

  • Photographers
    • Hair & makeup
    • Wardrobe stylist
  • Videographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Website Developer
  • Printers (new business cards, flyers, etc.)

Whether you have a team, are already working with someone or use my referral partners, before you embark on this journey please understand it takes a team and additional fees may be incurred from work required by other service providers.  My role is as a consultant, creative director and project manager. While I may do a tiny bit of the execution, based on the project I will be outsourcing and delegating tasks to the appropriate service providers. Understand it takes 9 months to make a baby so expecting yourself to reinvent in any less time is unrealistic.  If you’ve done your personal work and have a clear direction it’s possible to rebrand in just 90 days. If you’re still on your path of discovery I honor that and hope you will be realistic with yourself and I if we choose to move forward in working together.


My work offers both tangible and intangible results.  Internal and external personal benefits.









Self Reflection & Assessment

A lense or filter to look through

A compass for your soul

Activation of your internal GPS

Preparation for Opportunity

Limitation Striptease (you can be anything if you brand yourself right)



Consistency & Cohesion

Unique branding & style

Makes introductions

Sets the tone

Rebel cry to your ideal clients

Controllable client attraction

The RIGHT attention


Ability to say who you are/introduce yourself without having to speak


Inspiration Mood Boards

The Brand Binder

Packaging (an invitation to your ideal client to work with together).

Project completion

VIP Discovery Session

  • Brunch VIP ~ Morning Glory

  • Brunch babes expect mimosas, cappuccinos and croissants.

  • ~ OR ~

  • Happy Hour VIP ~ Evening Vixen

  • Evening vixens expect happy hour cocktails, treats and city walks.

  • Depending on the time that honors you best, mornings or afternoons, this VIP experience will offer pampering, break throughs and self realizations.
  • 3 hours dedicated to discovering how YOU want to show up, speak up and stand out.  The session designed to introduce you to your iconic persona, personal brand & style.
  • _____________________________

  • Self Assessments & Questionnaires:
  • ~ Customized Self Assessments
  • ~ Discovery Questionnaires
  • ~ The 360* Iconic Perspective Map
  • My Reflections & Suggestions:
  • ~ Persona Perspective
  • ~ Inspiration Mood Board
  • ~ Branding & Symbolism
  • ~ Reflections & Suggestions

Established Vixen Ready For Expansion

  • Been in business a while now, planning your next level of success and expansion?  Is your work experience showing you what you need to refresh, design and course correct to better align with your next level of business success.
  • Allow me to creatively direct and project manager this growth phase of yours.
  • You’ll have projects, goals and deadline you’d like to meet and I’ll be your project lead and consultant.
  • Together, partnering with your team or mine, we’ll get it done.
  • A fresh new you ready for your next level of success.
  • _____________________________

  • ~ My Coveted Brand Binder
  • ~ 24/7 Open-Door Policy (Call, Email, Text) communication.
  • ~ Reserved 90 Minute consultations 1 x week, for status updates, discussion, and work to move projects forward.
  • *Project Management with 20% Discount ($2,400)
  • *$1,700 Project Retainer per month for 3 months (Total $5,100)
  • *Payment Option Available
+ Design Package

Need ideas for business card layouts, social media banners or graphics. This is for you.  Clients like my design eye, often saying “Ashley, can you make this pretty for me?” so I call these my “pretties.”

  • 10 total graphics of your choice and need.

Business Card Designs

Social Media graphics




+ 90 Minute Individual Consultations (for existing clients)
  • Check-ins
  • Questions
  • Brainstorming


+ Wardrobe Styling Services

The fastest way to align your mind, body and soul is to change your clothes. It’s not about brands, trends or fads.  It’s about creating a visual statement that reflects who you are in your everyday presence.  Dressing like your life depends on it.

  • Identify Your Style
  • Wardrobe Assessment (3 Hrs ~ $350)
  • Outfit Assembly ($125 for an hour)
  • Event Styling (30 minutes $95)
  • Personal Shopping (3 Hours $500)
  • Photo Shoot Styling ($125 per hour, $95 on referral) (Pre-shoot Hour $95)
  • Video Shoot Styling ($125 per hour, $95 on referral) (Pre-shoot Hour $95)

~ Schedule a COMPLEMENTARY 30-Minute Discovery Session ~

I would love to hear from you and see how I can be a positive resource for you!

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Take a 360* perspective assessment of your personal branding & style.

Evaluate your brand fundamentals: Identity, Image, Message and Marketing.

Score your brand techniques: Consistency, Cohesion & Charisma.

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