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These events are designed for women looking to identify & develop their personal style.

Each event is theme specific and offered at varying times throughout the year

BARGAIN BABES: learn strategies for consignment, vintage, boutique & bargain shopping

BUSINESS BABES: wardrobe essentials for the corporate world & how to distinguish your style amongst your peers

BOOBIE BUDDIES: where we study our intimates & undies.

RETAIL BABES: learn strategies to shop like a pro, saving time and money with less frustration in the dressing room

DESTINATION BABES: traveling in style has never been easier, tips&tricks for traveling, packing & style on the go

CURVYLISCIOUS BABES: fashion for curvyliscious woman (a.k.a. plus size)

PAMPERED BABES: power partner spotlight, hair stylist, makeup artist, estheticians and nutritionists.

BLING BABES: learn all my secrets for accessories and how to take your style to the next level

SINGLE SIRENS: partnering with a love matchmaker, I will show you the 8 ways to make them week in the knees


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