Q: Your work is amazing, how did you come up with this?

A: I didn’t come up with it… I’ve evolved into it.

Q: What experiences shaped you into the woman you are today?

A: It’s been a journey…

2006 ~ “Alter-Ego” Parties:  A uniquely themed party I hosted in my college years.  A white poster board, “Confessions of my Alter-Ego” written at the top, pinned to my apartment wall and a black sharpie hanging from a string.  My hypothesis was after a few glasses of wine your true self emerges.  Guests wrote messages from the perspective of their “Alter-Egos” to their sober selves.  The shocking results were the staggering truths and subconscious insights that would reveal themselves the following day.  What started as a college experiment, revealed surprising insight even to myself.

2012 ~ University of Oregon Graduate:  Bachelors of Science in Psychology

  • Triple minored (Human Physiology, Business & Administration and Non-Western Art History).
  • Entrepreneurship Club:  I designed a clothing line “Encoded Intuition” and a jewelry line “Ethnically Blonde.”

2012 ~ Who am I now?:  Have you ever asked yourself this question!?  It takes a powerful situation, often a time of transition or change, that causes a person to ask themselves this question.  Having reinvented a few times at this point (retired athlete, changed my major, post graduate, job and relationship changes) I began to question the idea of “Identity.”

  • Could people really have a sense of “identity” that could never be stripped, taken, fired, laid-off, demoted or dumped?
  • Could you avoid the “who am I now?” moments?
  • Was there a way to avoid the identity crisis caused by these transitioning times and just reinvent yourself with ease?
  • What caused a legacy? A name to proceed someone?
  • What cased a reputation?
  • What made someone’s identity so unique others referred to it as “iconic.”

2014 ~ Introduction to Image Consulting: Clothing had always been a way of controlling my image.  Not for brands, trends or fads but to sit at the table and look old enough and mature enough to support my dad while he was in a business meeting.  Dressing up for exams, because looking good meant you felt good.  If you felt good you could ace the exam. Fashion was the fastest way to align you mind, body and soul.  Yet, I had no idea there was an entire profession dedicated to helping others realize this idea too.  So I began studying and consulting anyone and everyone that would let me in their wardrobe.

  • W.W.A.W = “What Would Ashley Wear” became one of the best things I ever heard come out of a client’s mouth.
  • Clients would also tell me, “Ashley, my style is so great!  Now I need to work on my branding to match my new look.”  Have you ever cut your hair, needed new lipstick, a new outfit and, of course, new shoes too!?

2015 ~ Emerging Leader Femtor Award Finalist: eWomen Network Foundation

  • Femtor = female-mentor, 1 of 8 chosen nationwide.

2016 ~ A palm reading:  Given goose-bumps and the validation I had been searching for, it was written into the lines of my palms:  “You are a visionary woman of influence and creativity. who inspires and engages others to heal their visibility wounds and claim their place in the spotlight.”

2016 ~ Certified Personal Brand Consultant:  With a few years under my belt I realized my clients needed more than just wardrobe styling.  I was constantly having people pick my brain and ask me how I had branded my company, what programs I was using and if I could help them with their personal branding.  It was June when I had a dream come true to study and become certified as a personal brand consultant under my role model, industry leader and icon Shauna Mackenzie, with the Studio for Image Professionals.

2017 ~ Director of Marketing & Event Coordinator: I would say this was my lucky break.  I was on the founding team of a startup here in Portland where I had the ultimate freedom and control over the company’s branding, messaging and marketing.  I worked side by side with the founder to birth a unique concept into a fully functioning mini-empire. With huge success I finished this project literally with a Red Carpet moment.  

As my journey continues I am eager to see the inspired projects and ideas my current and future clients present me.  My passion is to spread the idea of living your life with ICONIC DETAILS and helping people identify their persona’s perspective.