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Where the ordinary transforms into something iconic.


Branding & Marketing is the most exciting, challenging & soul-searching journey you will ever experience.  Your visual statement has the potential to be more than just a logo and your website.  It has the power to make a statement, have an impact on your target market, share the experience of working with you and position you as the go-to-solution in the minds of others.

While I SERIOUSLY hate to use this analogy at the end of every project my private clients agree it is as if we went through a birthing process together.  Imagine me as your branding midwife…  please don’t let that get stuck in your mind.  I have guided many fellow entrepreneurs though the process of branding themselves, birthing their passions and aligning them with their divine assignments.  It’s my passion and profession to visually translate who you are so others can know, like and trust you.  This service is both DWY (Do-It-WITH-You) and DFY (Do-It-FOR-You), depending on how much you want me involved in your project.

The soul of my work is to help others detach from their external, categorical & limiting identities. Expanding into their iconic essence to illuminating their iconic personas.  Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Wardrobe and Event Management are all the mediums we will use to accomplish this.


Our Primary Goal:  To empower you to identify your iconic persona, become a master of perception and create a visual statements that illustrates the uniqueness of you & your company’s experience and solutions.

Generally speaking 90 Day Iconic Incubations consist of:


    • Research of the competition
    • Identifying your brand’s persona (archetype and symbolism)
    • Discovering your brand’s messaging (personality, voice, market positioning)
    • Designing your brand’s identity (logo, fonts, color palette and iconography)
    • Strategizing your brand’s marketing (social media platforms, distribution strategy, content style, money makers and editorial calendar)
    • Upleveling your website
    • Creating your marketing materials (tri-folds, handouts, etc.)
    • Implementing the 3 C’s:  Consistency, Cohesion and Charisma into your brand
    • Build brand awareness
    • Training on technology, tools & apps to build and maintain your personal brand and online marketing
      • I’m not your typical “dependence coach.”  I WANT you to be self-sustaining, continue creating and empowered with the results of our work together.
    • Spotlight Brand Launch
    • DWY/DFY, again depending on how much you want me to be involved
    • My coveted process for a successful brand launch
    • Endless resources, connections & ideas for making your launch the biggest event of the year.
    • Directing the marketing and event coordination is also available to, maybe you just want to be the Bell of Your Ball.


* 90 Day Accountability Agreement *

This is a 90 day accountability agreement, not a guarantee for completion of your branding project, although in some instances this will be very possible.  This agreement confirms your commitment to yourself, your brand and me, your personal brand management.

Option 1:  Let’s do this!

  • 60 minute, weekly consultations with date & time reservation
  • Client session notes
  • Weekly homework to help you achieve your goals
  • E-mail and text accessibility & on call branding assistance

Option 2: You’ve got this!

  • 60 minute, weekly consultations with date & time reservation
  • Client session notes
  • Weekly homework to help you achieve your goals

Option 3: Miss Independent!

  • 60 minute, bi-weekly consultations
  • Session Notes Included

Option 4: Project Bid

  • If you’d like a flat-fee project bid to complete your project, this is available as well.


  • Phase 1 ~ Research, soul-searching and professional discovery
  • Phase 2 ~ Formalize all brand elements (identity, message and marketing)
  • Phase 3 ~ Prepare to launch (only because I recommend a 30 day marketing campaign for a launch of this magnitude)
  • Transition Phase ~ Most clients will transition into quarterly check-ins and maintenance sessions with me after our initial 90 day incubation.


* Set Up Fee (Implementation of my coveted branding structure.  Creation of your Google project documents, brand binder and initial brand audit.  This may is not limited to and may include other associated set up requirements, generally technology related issues, for your unique needs).

* Consulting Options 1-3 = Monthly Payment (dependant on your consultation preference): Due the first session of every month.  There are no transfers, rollovers or refunds of consultations.
*Project Bidding: Payment will be due in full or ½ up front with the remaining due upon agreed installments.  Please NOTE: a project will terminate upon missed payment, no matter the projects status or agreement of completion.

This opportunity requires some discussion. Schedule a 30-Minute COMPLEMENTARY Discovery Session with me so we can disucss all the details. I look forward to hearing from you!

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